Oops . . .

I think I forgot I had a blog. I hope no one’s been looking here every week expecting something new.

It’s 1:51 AM and I can’t sleep to save my life. My brain keeps running off on directions of its own – like an imagined interview with Ann Coulter wherein she actually discovers that it’s she who is godless and repents for all the sin she’s committed while pulling all her books off every shelf in the world. And for someone who’s got to be rolling in the dough, don’t you think she might care enough to keep her roots from showing? I mean, it’s bad enough that she looks like an underdeveloped fifteen year old boy, but if you are going to die your hair blonde, please try to make me believe it’s your natural color.

She drives me crazy – not so much because of what she says or how she says it. It’s all about her attitude. She acts as if there’s no way she can possibly be wrong about anything or unsexy to anyone. The problem is that she isn’t interested in improving the state of the country or politics in America, she’s just pissing people off (lefties get mad because they disagree with her and righties get mad because they agree with her) to make money and gain attention. The sad part is that it works. I read one of her books. She argues well, but like many writers, includes murky facts unidentified as such. She completely removes the reader’s ability to take her seriously when she’s so full of wrath that Satan would lose in a face-off with her.

She must have been that really annoying kid at the grocery store who wouldn’t stop screaming for that candy bar, even after her mother gave in and bought the damn thing for her. Otherwise she would have learned (like the rest of us) that the best way to get others to listen to you and take you seriously is to explain yourself calmly and be patient if they don’t understand right away.

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