I’m sick of being sick. Congested, coughing, nauseous, yuck. I’m sick of it. Tired, not sleeping enough because I have weird hours at work. Yuck. Sick of it all. (That was a band, wasn’t it?) Second thought – it looks like they’re still a band (www. Sick of my hubby traveling and having to stay home to work. Sick of always having pimples. Sick of never getting a break from chores and housework. Sick of having to eat when food doesn’t taste good anymore but it’s needed and becomes a chore. Sick of people not recognizing the humanity of others. Sick of being sick of things. Sick of government and people’s lack of ability to partake in said institution. Sick of the misogynistic culture engulfing all of us. Sick of capitalism. Sick of competition. Sick of a lack of cooperation and feeling of community.

Fitter. Happier. More productive . . . .

Sick of feeling like a robot.

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