People tell me time and time again that nausea and other forms of upset stomach are not part of influenza.  What I really think they mean is that being sick-to-your-stomach is not “having the flu”.  I just had two of the worst days of my life.  Between the nausea and other unmentionable stomach pains, the incredible body aches, and the fever, I was ready to call up Dr. Kevorkian.  Now, if that sick smell will just go away. 

All this and I had to miss my second day at my new job.  Not that I’m really sure that this job is what I want (or will even work out), but I’d like to not have every employer in the city think I’m a complete brainless idiot.  On the other hand, sometimes I think that I’m on track to make sure that I can’t get a job in this town so I have to start my own business/something to make money.  I know I can be that creative, I just might need that kind of a push, though. 

I can’t wait until all the reminders of sickness leave my body!

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