iPhone.  It does everything except bake cookies.  And they’re probably working on that.  But what practical use could I find for it?  If I buy an iPhone what other object that currently occupies space in my house/pocket/purse/car/etc. can I get rid of?  I get it – it does

  • Internet
  • phone
  • pictures
  • video
  • music

Can I use it to write documents?  Keep track of my finances?  Record cassette tapes and digitize them?  Can I have it record programs from my TiVo?  Or is it just another gadget someone put together so that I have more to do and less time to myself to focus on that which is important to me? 

I get the feeling that the iPhone is just another iProduct being created on the (highly successful) tails of the iPod and geared to all the kids that want/need (how sad is it that some kids really do need these things to feel good about themselves) the latest iProduct from Mac to feel good.  When they develop a phone that can do more than make a call well, then I will consider dropping one of my household appliances to replace it with the new phone.  Until then, there’s no need. 

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  1. Way to go Jen. You hit it right on the head. I wonder what else I could spend $600 to $800 on and actually make my life better?

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