Why I do not support Hillary

I wish I could support Hillary Clinton for President.  Not only do I think the time has come for the USA to be governed by a woman, I think someone with her values could be very valuable to our country.  However, since she was criticised for her role (and input) in the health care reformation that the 90’s never saw through to fruition, she’s been too cooperative with the people that stand in her way.  In order for real change, which is what we need, we need someone who knows how to work with people (even ones that s/he doesn’t like and stand in the way) without being too cooperative. 

What I need from a presidential candidate are these qualities:

  • passion
  • a strong sense of justice for all, no matter what may make them a minority (everyone, in one way or another, fits the definition of “minority” and “majority” simultaneously, depending on what aspect of the person you look at)
  • a respect for human rights and the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • a respect for international governing bodies, their rules and treaties, and other international agreements that enable peace
  • fearless problem-solving; not being afraid to recognize the good qualities that other systems or societies may have while being able to incorporate some of those to fix the problems that the leader has been unafraid to recognize in our society/systems
  • honesty
  • the ability to admit his/her mistakes and learn from them
  • a clear perception of maintaining the separation of church and state
  • the ability to find new ways to make our government work for the people and new ways of involving the people in the work of the government

Okay, that’s a short list, but in no way complete.  I just don’t think Hillary can live up to my expectations.  And if the democrats did elect her to be their candidate, there’s no way she would win the election in November.  Have you seen the poll numbers on this stuff?  It’s been a while since I did, but I can’t expect them to have changed too much.  The fact is that the great majority of Americans won’t vote for someone for president unless he is a white Christian male.  The polls show that women, racial minorities, and followers of religions other than Christianity (even Catholics get less votes than Protestants) are plain unelectable.  It’s sad, but there are enough hicks out there with ideas of racial and gender superiority who just can’t vote for someone who doesn’t believe in their god.  Personally, I think they can shove that non-existent god up their asses, but what do I know?

Hillary just can’t make it, in my opinion.  But I hope that either Obama or Edwards can.

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