Panic at the Disco – Pretty. Odd.

I bought the CD yesterday, based on the radio play of the track “Nine in the Afternoon”.  I like the CD a lot.  It’s reminiscent of the Beatles, Billy Joel, Elton John, and classic rock in general.  The vocal harmonies are wonderful ear candy and the orchestration is fantastic.

The problem is that PATD really isn’t PATD.  I can’t even hear the basic songs upon which the orchestrations are built.  The music on the PATD release is primarily the music written by the orchestral arranger (who is listed in the liner notes that are in the car right now).  And primarily played by the orchestra, which (if you didn’t know) does not include the four band members known collectively as Panic at the Disco.  I can’t really say that I like PATD, because I honestly can’t say that I know what they sound like unsupported by some fantastic arranger and orchestra.  If they ever come out with a stripped-down, band-member-only disc (But isn’t that primarily what most bands already do? Yes, it is.) it will shed a ton of light on the issue.

I like the disc, and will stand by my assertion that it’s very good.  However, I can’t help but feel like it’s all a sham.

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