Instead of constantly posting links to articles, videos, and general nonsense I find on the web to Facebook, I thought I would start creating blog posts with links to all the things I find interesting.  Since my Facebook account already pulls in my blog posts and puts them on my Notes page, I will still be sharing on that site.  I’ll just be expanding the sharing to the entire web with this.

Here goes!

Read Economics is Not a Natural Science by Douglas Rushkoff for an interesting take on economics, the history of economies, and why we might just need to rethink everything.  I can say I learned a lot.

A Brave New (Non-Private) World explores some  media that addresses our society and its evolution regarding privacy issues.

I don’t care what the circumstances are, no one in America should have to cook and WASH with bottled water because the tap water is so polluted.  See this NYT article for more information.

I loved watching the shows on tv (The Science Channel?) about synaesthesia.  A BBC article reports on current research and new findings.

For people looking to acquire local food, one new option is VeggieTrader.  Though most of its current listings are focused on the west coast, I could find several locations within 100 miles of my house.  While that may not sound too local, it’s much better than the distance most of our food travels before reaching our plates.  But to improve the number of offerings everywhere, we should all join and list whatever we can!

For a resource that’s a little closer to home for my fellow Milwaukeeans, see this page at the Urban Ecology Center’s website.  And there’s always Growing Power.

And while we’re on the topic of food, please read Dan Barber’s article in The Nation about the importance of cooking and diversifying our diets.

I think that does it for today.  Thoughts, ideas, and comments are always welcome.  If you’re viewing this anywhere other than through my blog, you should visit the original post here: to see all the links correctly.

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