Rowley’s Bay

In July, we went up to Rowley’s Bay in Door County to celebrate Jerry’s mom’s birthday. It was a surprise arranged by Jerry’s dad (what an amazing husband/dad!) that the kids came up after they had already spent a day there.

When Mom found out, it was certainly a surprise. We were waiting in the restaurant in the hotel at at table, with our backs to the entrance so she wouldn’t notice us until we were pointed out. When they came in, Dad said “why don’t we sit with these people” (or something like that) and once she recognized the backs of our heads, Mom got very excited, happy, and a bit loud for what was a very quiet restaurant just a few moments earlier. As a surprise, I had a baked a version of The Olive Garden’s old Chocolate Lasagna (Mom’s favorite dessert) from a recipe I found on the internet and had the restaurant staff hold on to it in the back until we ordered dessert. We all asked for Chocolate Lasagna and she exploded again, this time even hugging the waiter. It was great!

We spent some time that weekend doing some very fun activities and here are some of the best pictures I took. I hope you enjoy!


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