Creative Nail Polish Fix

Yesterday I tried a very light “smoke” colored (it’s really kind of a pearly iridescent white) nail polish. This was the second time I tried it, and the first time it came out horribly. This time I managed to make it look presentable – mostly. I had two nails (one on each hand) that came out streaky, so I spent the last 24 hours thinking over how best to disguise that. I considered glitter, but decided against it because I just hate glitter. Ugh. Glitter. I thought about trying to make some nail art with tape, but couldn’t see that working out any better than what was already there. I

I just replaced an old eyeshadow, though. The color is sort of a shimmery gold and though it’s definitely too old to use on my eyes, it’s probably fine for use on my fingernails. So I used a topcoat and applied some of the old eyeshadow. I followed that up with another topcoat and it’s disguised the uneven polish very well – and adds a slightly different color for an interesting variation. I don’t have any before pictures – I wasn’t thinking about that beforehand! But here’s an after.


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