Beauty Products – Reviewed!

You may have noticed this image on the right side of my blog: It’s a pretty cool website where you can review products and learn from others’ reviews. They deemed me worthy of a box of products to review. So here I am… with reviews!

The products were hit or miss for me.

I received a set of imPress Broadway Nails in Space Cadet. To begin with, this is just a nasty design. So I won’t actually be putting these on my nails. I’m sad about that, but I can tell you what I see from holding these here and being able to pick apart everything about them. The nails themselves come in what looks like a regular nail polish bottle, which is cute. There is a prep pad, which I suspect is just nail polish remover. The top of the “bottle” twists off and the bottle opens with a hinge on the bottom to allow for easy access to the nails. The nails themselves are plastic and look and feel cheap. But they may appear differently when applied correctly. The application process looks easy compared to other products I’ve used in the past. So while I won’t be using this particular color/pattern, I may pick up another color sometime to give the brand a try.


Outlast odor with the  best deodorant/antiperspirant for protection

Another item that came in my box was Secret Outlast Clear Gel in Completely Clean. I’ve been using it every day since! My old deodorant actually ran out right as the box arrived and the Secret was right on time. 🙂 I really like the new gel. My experience with gel deodorants in the past was that they were sticky and always made me feel sweaty all on their own. This gel is nice, though, and dries right away. It definitely has enough power to keep me dry and smelling good. I had previously been using a competitor’s clinical strength and I’m seriously considering switching to this. Good call, Influentser!



Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Gelastic Ultra Strong Flex GelSchwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Gelastic Ultra Strong Flex Gel was also in the box. I tried this gel for a couple days and didn’t notice anything to set it apart from other gels I’ve used. It was nice, but nothing remarkable. Though, I honestly can’t tell the difference between most gels. Some of the cheaper ones are obviously less high quality, but some of the more affordable brands are just as good as salon brands. I’d say get what you normally get. If you have higher expectations for this, you will probably be disappointed.



Kandy Bar Kakes

These delicious sweets, S’Mores Kandy Bar Kakes by Tastykake also surprised me. They sure taste yummy. But the texture is a little weird for me. Not much else to say about this product.




12944-Textures-Applelicious-Lip-Balm-06_356I saved the best for last! My favorite product in the box is New York Color Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm. The color I got is Big Apple Red. I love it. It works as a lip balm by keeping your lips moist. It also adds nice color – both for everyday use and for special occasions. It’s a great all around lip color.



And there you go.


  I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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