Sinus Storytime!

Don’t give up on your health. Even if you’ve been dismissed over and over again, keep searching for answers. Be your own advocate. I wish I hadn’t given up for so long.

So many doctors dismissed my concerns about my sinuses. One told me I’d have to be like one of those little old ladies who always has a tissue up her sleeve. Others told me I had chronic sinusitis that we couldn’t do anything about. An ENT specialist told me there was nothing wrong other than a deviated septum. And there was nothing they could do. There was nothing wrong. Nothing to fix. My constant symptoms were inexplicable so I just had to live in a constant congested state. I was miserable. And sick of being miserable.

In January I went to a clinic that specializes in ENT – ADVENT. They listened and scanned my head. Turns out not only was I inflamed and there was a very tiny tunnel for air to travel through, but I’m missing upper sinuses. (No wonder I never had pain there.) Apparently it’s not super-uncommon to have never developed upper sinuses but it’s not normal. So I went ahead with the balloon sinuplasty and a couple other procedures but I can’t remember what they’re called. That was in February. Two months later, I’m feeling amazing. I can breathe freely, in a way I don’t remember ever being able to breathe before.

I had lost hope for several years but heard about this place and another person’s experience so I thought I’d give it a try. What’s the worst they could say? Exactly what everyone else said?

Who knows, maybe they decide to treat anyone who walks through the door no matter the state of their sinuses, but if that’s the case I’m still super happy. It’s given me back so much already. I’m so thankful for insurance, too, without which I would never have been able to afford the $20,000 price tag. Go for it, y’all. Take care of yourself. It’s worth it.

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