Just bought the new A New Found Glory CD yesterday.  They have come a long way since they started.  They certainly don’t sound like they’re 12 anymore.  They don’t exactly sound grown up, yet, either.  That’s cool.  The new CD is fun.  From the Screen to Your Stereo part II contains some very fun covers. 

Ah, but I’m getting so bored, again, with all the pop-rock-we-want-to-call-it-punk-but-it’s-nowhere-near-the-realm-of-punk crap that’s getting made.  Yeah, I wish the kind of music I really enjoy was being made, still, but it’s not.  All that ’90’s stuff is way gone.  Any remnants of it are purely coincidental at this point.  Since Chris Carraba personally decided to co-opt the “emo” label for himself, things have all gone sour.  And I don’t even want to start about the term “emo” and how it never made any sense from the beginning.  (Emotional?  Isn’t all music supposed to evoke emotion and be about emotions?  So ALL music is “emo”?)

 Anyway.  Raw.  I want raw sounds.  And loud.  Dissonance (that eventually resolves . . .) .  Substance . . . not emotional, lovesick, wishes for forgiveness and sad remembrances (unless they have some other kind of actual relevance).  Something new.  With actual talent.  Any no whiny-boys with 16 year old vocal chords.  Raw vocals.  Deep vocals.  Unless you happen to be a lady.  Then be more like Hole and Veruca Salt than the sweet, syrupy sounds like Eisley and Tegan & Sara.  YUCK!  (Congrats, by the way, that you learned to harmonize in school.  Now apply it in a more useful way, please.) 

Anyone out there with suggestions?  Please? 

And, no I am not a fan of Otep – that’s a little freaky for me.

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