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Since I was a child, I dreamed of writing articles, stories, and poems that would make money.  Now I have that chance.  At least on a small scale.  A site named Associated Content allows people to submit material for publication.  When these items are reviewed and placed on the site, the author is paid for page views.

I have published two of my previous blog posts there.  My profile is located here.  You can find my article on the Eee PC here.  And my article on the bailout of the automobile industry is here.

I would really appreciate it if you would visit these pages and give me a page view.  I would love it if you could pass on the links to people you know that might be interested in the topics.  Every page view puts me closer to making a little bit of money.

Let me say, also, that money is not my only motivation.  I really just want to share my ideas and perceptions with as many people as possible.  It might seem vain to think that what I have to say might be interesting to a wide variety of people, but it’s something that I have to believe.  I have been writing since elementary school and I think I’m pretty good at organizing my thoughts and presenting them in an interesting way.  If you disagree, please leave me comments so I can take your ideas for  improvement into consideration.  I am passionate about sharing my ideas and writing in a concise, engaging way.

So please visit my articles at Associated Content and help me share my ideas, earn some money, and hone my writing skills.  Thank you!

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