Security, Education, and Brain Damage

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We all know there are plenty of problems with our education system overall. But when it comes to figuring out how to fix things, most of us just throw our hands up in the air. Truthfully, most of us would probably be hard pressed to identify specific problems other than the most obvious ones. Here’s a look at some of the problems and some interesting ideas to begin reform.

Earlier this year, Michael Vick returned to his career in football after a stint in prison for running a dog fighting ring. We see how negatively dog fighting affects the dogs, many of which die from involvement in fights. Malcolm Gladwell wrote an article for the New Yorker about how the damage to football players can resemble the damage to dogs that have been used in fights. He seems to draw the conclusion that football is as inhumane as dog fighting. I feel that there is a key difference between the two. Dogs don’t have the ability to consent to being beaten senseless in the name of “sport”. Football players, however, do. They have the ability to understand the dangers inherent in the game and to either consent to exposing themselves to those dangers or to quit before they do too much damage. I’m pretty sure dogs wouldn’t consent to these fights if they could somehow understand the dangers and make a choice, because a dog’s first and strongest instinct is to survive. That men consent to being battered by their beloved “sport” indicates to me that they either don’t have a strong survival instinct or they lack the intellect of a dog. But that’s another issue altogether.

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