New Name!

I was listening to one of my favorite bands tonight, Bad Religion. In the song “All There Is”, a couple lines struck me: “In my rectory of doubt I kneel to pray like one devout”. As I’ve been unhappy with my blog’s name for a long time and always been looking to find a more appropriate name, Rectory of Doubt seemed like a good fit.


Often, I ask questions of ideas, policies, articles, and positions put out by other people and institutions. It’s a habit I’ve nurtured since being a child, because I find that there are always ways to understand things more thoroughly, find solutions to problems, and find unknown problems through the asking and answering of questions. Without questioning, the world would never develop – we wouldn’t have the wheel if it weren’t for someone asking “How could we make this easier?” And what is questioning but an expression of doubt – doubt that we know things absolutely, doubt that one way is the best way to accomplish something, doubt that people are telling the truth, doubt about so many things.

So here we are. I doubt things. I’ll share those doubts here and maybe propose some answers. I’ll also just share snippets of life – photos, videos, tall tales and short. Feel free to express your doubt and offer up your possible answers in this Rectory of Doubt.

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