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Every year we host a Christmas Eve family get together at our house. It’s great to cook up some old family favorites and to incorporate new ideas. I love the traditional sweet potato casserole I grew up with. The sweet potatoes, brown sugar, and marshmallows are delicious. But it’s heavy on the sugar and that’s one thing I have to keep low in my diet due to insulin resistance. While looking for a lower sugar alternative to the original recipe, I found a recipe for grilled pineapple and sweet potatoes. It’s meant to be more of a kabob-type thing, but I liked the idea of just replacing the brown sugar with pineapples (which are very sweet on their own) and spices. So I combined the method of the original recipe with the ingredients of the new one and came up with this one.

The taste is sweet, but brighter and fresher than the warmth of the traditional casserole.

**I do not have links to either of the original recipes. I could not find either of the recipes or the books they came from online.**

I put the recipe on to make it easy to print in your own format:



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