MySpace is crazy

I mean to say that MySpace is really crazy. You can get messages from people you really don’t know. That sucks. I got one recently from some guy on the east coast who is apparently my age. The message went something like this:

Hi – I was looking at your profile and I liked what I saw. You seem cool, and maybe cute . . . Look at my pictures on (insert silly picture website here). Maybe we can talk. Looks win the eyes but personality wins the heart. take care, (insert silly boy’s name here)

Ugh! My profile says “Married” and I live halfway across the country from this guy. What’s he looking for, anyway? There aren’t many things a stranger could do to get me to “chat” or otherwise carry on communication with them, especially if it matters to them whether I’m cute or not. I am HAPPILY married and there’s nothing anybody can do about that. Not going to communicate with creepy strangers, thanks.

It’s weird, too that you can find old acquaintances on there and look at their profiles, blogs, pictures, etc. without them knowing (unless their profile is set to private). It almost seems like spying. But, sometimes, I’m no really sure if I want to request them to become my “friend” or not. I mean, I know the people, but would I really call them friends? I’m really just taking the friend bit too seriously, but I’ve always been a serious person. Anyway, would I add them as friends if they requested me? Sure. But I think sending them friend requests would be weird, seeing as how I haven’t spoken to them in years. I’m just nosy and want to know what’s going on in their lives. I’m sure they do the same things to others – maybe even me. I don’t care who looks at my profile. I just think it’s a little weird the way you can spy on people with MySpace. That’s all.

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