Movies while you drive

So I’m driving home from the store today and what do I see in front of me? A car with four TV screens playing the same video. Two are in the backseat and two in the front seats, in the visors I presume. We couldn’t believe our eyes. What kind of moron would put people’s lives at risk like that? It’s just a safety issue.

Each time we get on the road, we take a large amount of responsibility into our hands – for the lives of ourselves and the lives of each other person on the road that is driving nearby. We also place a great deal of trust in one another that we all will do our best to avoid getting into car accidents and take the necessary measures to do so, whether it means turning on your headlights in gloomy and dark conditions, using your directionals when changing lanes and turning, or not watching video while driving.

I have enough of a problem with the people who play videos in their minivans and such to keep their kids occupied while driving. See, those screens are visible to the vehicles behind the screens, and distracting to those other drivers. I think it should be required by law that in order to have any screens in your vehicle you need to have limousine tinting so I can’t be distracted by what you are playing. And don’t even get me started on the SUV full of guys I saw one night playing porn on their in-car screens.

But having a screen 5 inches from your face while you’re driving not only distracts me, but it distracts you much more. And with a car full of people, you are only asking for trouble.

Tonight, following this car with its four screens, we passed by three police cars that had pulled over another driver for some offense and the two front screens quickly went dead. I am guessing that the people in the car thought (or knew) it was illegal. I don’t know for sure if it’s illegal, but I damn sure hope so. Soon after passing the police, the screens went back on. It blew my mind that people would do something like that. I’m outraged. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

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