Soymilk = immediate regurgitation reflex?

Okay – this is weird. I tried soymilk in the grocery store one day when they were doing the free sample thing. It tasted different (obviously), but within thirty seconds I was gagging and trying to not throw up in the middle of the frozen aisle. I thought, “Never again”. It felt horrible.

So the other day I was at Alterra and I bought an African Chai, or whatever it was called. I glanced at the menu so quickly I didn’t take notice that it said it was made with soymilk. In the car on the freeway I took my first drink. Once again, within 30 seconds I was fighting to keep the contents of stomach from spilling, this time onto my lap while driving at 60 miles per hour. Then I remembered the soymilk thing and proceeded to get angry with myself for spending $4 on something I could only feasibly take that one distasteful sip from.

Anyone know anything about this? Am I soy intolerant? I do enjoy the occasional soyburger. What’s wrong with me? Now there’s no way I will ever try the soymilk thing again.

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