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I’m going to try to open myself up a little (okay I mean a lot) by writing and sharing a lot of personal thoughts.  Please understand that this is like my personal journal.  It is not necessarily meant to be a public forum on anything, however your respectful comments and criticisms are welcome.

Here’s more that I wrote on June 7th, 2007:

I suppose most people keep one of these for one reason in particular.  This can involve keeping family and friends up to date, connecting with your professional associates, critiquing politics and society, promoting your business, making friends, and more.  This blog is all that and more.  I guess I want it to represent me more than anything and I am a multi-faceted person with diverse interests and I will write about any and all of those interests here.  Some will be related to my profession or work, some will be highly personal.  Some will be commentary on the world I see around me.  Every day will be different and there will be no requirements.

This is a work in progress, just like each of our lives.  When we reach the point of completion, we each exist only as memories in the minds of others.  Let us hope we do not become complete too soon.

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