I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like my doctor.

History:  I’ve had allergies all of my life.  I have had sinus problems all my life.  I’ve spent way too much time around various kinds of smoke in various situations.  Consequently, I’ve developed one of the most congested and infected sinus cavities on the planet (at least, by my estimation).  I routinely have problems sleeping and, upon waking, devote an hour or more solely to clearing my sinuses before I can eat, shower, brush my teeth, or do anything worth doing.  I have developed a high level of dependency on over-the-counter nasal sprays that help me decongest (and of course re-congest).

Today:  I went to the doctor.  The doctor was booked.  I agreed to see the nurse practitioner.  Between the time when I entered the waiting room and was escorted to the room where the doctor sees you, two pharmaceutical salespeople entered, spoke with the staff, etc.  The time I spent in the waiting room amounted to the amount of time it takes to fill out one form requesting insurance information and my address.  It was less than fifteen minutes.  If this is the pace at which the office receives these salespeople, it sure explains what I was about to encounter.

I explained to the nurse what I needed, that I had been feeling crummy for a long time and want to be off of the nasal sprays and feel like a normal human being again.  She takes her notes and lets the nurse practitioner know that I am ready.  Nurse practitioner enters and I begin the same story.  Two sentences in she is furiously scribbling and has lost all connection to the words that are coming out of my mouth.  She asks no questions about my symptoms.  I don’t get to tell her that I don’t want to have a dependency on nasal sprays.  She starts in asking what allergy medications I am taking/have taken and their effectiveness.  She explains the benefits of Singulair, Allegra, and this new nasal spray, Veramyst, that not only helps with nasal allergy symptoms but also with symptoms felt in the eyes.  I explain to her the lack of improvement Singulair and Allegra have shown in my body before.  And I don’t even begin to tell her how unhappy I am about the Veramyst because I can tell she’s getting tired of trying to convince me.  She assures me that these will help – I just need to give them a try.  She explains how they work and gives me dosage instructions, shoves everything in a plastic bag with another drug’s name printed in blue ink on the side, and helps me to the door.  Before I know what’s hit me, I am now assigned three drugs to take daily and not given any long-term plan to make me healthier.  Nor an explanation for a lack of a plan.  I didn’t come to the doctor for this.

I haven’t taken any of the drugs.  I will seek a second opinion tomorrow.  I don’t want to be on drugs.  Especially the kind they pimp on TV.  I want to be a clean, healthy person.  That’s why I want help from a doctor.  Not to be drugged. 

I have a family member who is in the pharmaceutical sales business.  I don’t know what he does.  I know he makes a fantastic living off pharmaceuticals.  I don’t mean to insult the way he makes his money.  Everybody does what s/he’s good at and we all have to face moral/ethical decisions about our jobs and live with what we choose for ourselves.  I just wish people like me didn’t have to suffer at the doctor’s office because of it.  I wonder how many pills are pimped by doctors everyday because of the salespeople who drop off “samples” of everything?  (Just like the coke dealer who will let kids “try” some for free to get them hooked.)  I’m not taking these. 

Anyone know the safest way to dispose of unwanted medication?

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  1. Unfortunately, If you suffer from allergies, there is no way you will be totally off some kind of medication via nasal, oral or combination. Other than seeing a professional allergist and finding your triggers, I’m not sure of your solution. I’m finding several of my patients are coming into the office with sinus infection symptoms because they refuse to take their meds correctly on a continuous basis. I agree that dealing with drugs reps just sucks. I am barraged by them on a daily basis in my office. I just go from room to room and continue seeing my patients so I can avoid them as much as possible.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I am feeling a little bit better, now. I saw a doctor closer to home and he is treating my dependence on nasal sprays and my allergies. Thankfully, he listened to what I had to say about the different brands and how they help (or don’t). He prescribed something that ALWAYS helps. It’s making me feel much better. And I am going to set up an appointment with an allergist to be tested. After all these years. I wonder why I never did it before.

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