Back to School: My First Steps

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my life since I realized that my English degree isn’t going to get me anywhere that I want to go.  I don’t regret focusing my time on literature at all.  I love reading and thinking about what I’m reading.  I loved the vast majority of what I studied in college.

Since graduation, though, I’ve spent a decent amount of time with my pets in the veterinary office.  What I witness there every time is people who enjoy their work.  I see people who are genuinely concerned about your pets – and you!  Somewhere along the line, I realized that is where I want to be.  I could go to school to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, but I feel a little old at a start since it would take so long.  And I’m not sure I really want to be studying that hard.  I just want to go there and assist the doctor.  So I realized that what I want to do is be a Veterinary Technician.  I looked around and found that the nearest place I could attain that kind of education was at Moraine Park Technical College – and their closest location is in West Bend.

So I set about the application process back in March.  Filled out the application, sent off for transcripts, etc.  Yesterday, I attended an Admissions Meeting for the program.  Thankfully, the admissions folk recognize my prior BA and are giving me plenty of advanced standing for that.  However, my high school has yet to send in that transcript – and when I called them today, they said that the person who does that is out until the 13th.  Ugh!  Oh, well.  I am quite happy that the year and a half of high school chemistry I took will exempt me from taking chemistry here.

Today I registered for classes and found out (surprise!) that two of the three classes I can take are full (unless I want to drive to Fond du Lac – and I don’t).  So I registered for the one class I could (It’s online!  Woo-hoo!) and I will take the others next semester.  Once I finish these courses and complete my 50 hours of job shadowing I will be eligible to begin taking my core vet tech courses.  Since that’s impossible by this fall and they begin the cycle only once every fall, I have no real rush to finish these courses – as long as I get that done by the summer semester next year, I can (probably) begin my core courses next fall.

So here goes!  My class (Intro to Ethics) begins on Aug 24th.  Wish  me luck!  Now all I have to do is straighten out that transcript thing and set up some job shadowing.

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