Modesty, Flipping Pages Online, Showering into Sickness, and a (hopefully!) Good Read

It’s not often that we acknowledge how much we owe our success to others and sincerely express gratitude.  David Brooks offers up a fine example of America at its best, with grand achievements and modesty to spare.

Sick of reading boring news feeds?  Try Google’s new Fast Flip.  With an interface closer to that of an ebook reader, it makes looking at articles on the computer screen seem more natural.

It seems as though by cleaning yourself every morning under a stream of warm water, you might just be exposing yourself to bacteria that can make you sick.  Good to know, but I think I’ll chalk that one up to improving my immune system!

This graphic novel about a traumatic childhood seems like a touching tale with expressive visuals as accompaniment.  It might be worth taking a look at.

‘Tis all I have for today… make it a lovely one!

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  1. it does sound like a good read. also, please consider the newly released true novel from Eloquent Books entitled Euclid Avenue, Our scars mean something. the press release can be seen at the book is also available at barnes & noble, books & co, books-a-million, borders, select hallmark book stores and

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