Note to self: Just buy the brand name bandages!

When you’re accident prone like I am, you have to have a good supply of bandages in the medicine cabinet. Or, in my case, medicine shelf… but that’s another story!

See, I’m bandaging my finger right now because there’s a section of skin that keeps cracking open. It started as a paper cut. It almost healed, but just as it was getting close it cracked open again. The new crack wasn’t even in the same spot. Apparently the skin got so dry that it needs some special care with ointment to heal. After a few days of being covered with ointment and covered for protection it’s well on its way to getting back to normal. But these bandages!

I always try to save money with generic products. For the most part they function the same, taste the same, and produce the same results. But there are some products where the brand name products are superior. Bandages are one of these. Why? They stick better. Every time I get the generic bandages, I have trouble trying to keep them adhered to my skin and to the other part of the bandage. The brand name adhesive is superior.

The moral of the story? Sometimes the brand names are worth the extra money. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

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