It’s That Time of the Year Again

With the new year and so many people concentrating on their resolutions to lose weight and get in shape, in addition to all the other improvements that people have committed to, we could use some resources to help us stay focused. And some encouragement. Inspiration. Motivation.

One of my favorite comics to illustrate this was with Ziggy. He had an equation on an old paper flip chart. It read: Inspiration + Aspiration + Perspiration = Success. It was written in the style of a math equation and it was a reminder that success requires vision, desire, and work. I had scanned it, and would like to post the image, but it was among my lost images, sadly. 

Lots of people have that inspiration and aspiration. They start out applying the perspiration vigilantly, but often taper and stop. The inspiration and aspiration remain, but the sheer amount of work required to establish new routines and achieve success becomes overwhelming. 

A lot of people think they have to join a gym, get personal training, buy workout videos or subscriptions, sign up for an expensive diet plan, join expensive fitness teams, and do all sorts of other things that require expenses and more commitments.

I’d like to tell you that you don’t have to do all that. There are some great resources with free, and effective, home workouts that don’t require expesive weights or equipment, nutrition advice, meal plans, communities, and inspirational articles. One place you can go for such inspiration is SparkPeople

 I’ve been a member for years. It’s been some time since I followed the site regularly, but I just went back and things are still humming along and I was inspired to come back.

recent article is about how to be successful with your resolutions. There’s some great advice in here and it’s worth reading. Just click here. And give yourself a chance. No expenses, no commitments to programs you’re uncertain of. Just information. For free. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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