A Tale of Two Screen (Protectors)

The screen protector that came factory installed on my phone got damaged and it started to bug me. So I thought I’d look into new options. I went with an ArmorSuit Military Shield screen protector because of the reviews – great protection + easy application. Application was messy and complicated for me, having to spray both sides of the film before trying to align it correctly and everything. Ugh. Awful. Protection might be great, but the screen felt sticky and weird no matter how much I cleaned it. You could see the screen protector and it looked weird. I gave it a week and hated it, so I looked around again.

The Zagg screen protectors were well-reviewed, and knowing how well they’ve worked for me before I figured I’d go with what I know. I got the Ultra Clear Plus. It comes with an installation tray to line things up perfectly. And, in my opinion, fool-proof installation. When I didn’t understand what I was doing at first, I watched the installation video and it all came together. There were a couple of tiny bubbles I couldn’t get out, but the instructions said that they would go away after 12-24 hours, and they have. The screen feels normal and looks great. Sometimes you should just stick with the tried and true.

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