a star shaped jar containing wood pieces cut into the word fuck

Unsolicited Criticism

Not too long ago I received some unsolicited criticism and it amused me. I don’t understand how an adult would try to control another adult’s behavior or beliefs. Ah, the poor, judgmental, religiously obsessed people. I pity them for being judgmental and obsessed with religion in this way.

It accused me of being intolerant because I don’t welcome hate directed at any group of people. This time, the hate was due to my support and love for my LGBTQIA+ friends and family. And my support for their right to love whoever they want to. Did I mention that this is about my response to someone saying that support was disgusting? How Rude! (Read that in Michelle from Full House’s voice.)

Must I explain this? If inclusive communities tolerate people who don’t accept minorities, intolerance takes over. We must not merely tolerate, but insist on tolerance from our fellow human beings. If people who express hate expect to be welcomed with open arms, they are out of their minds.

They also claimed I said that everyone is welcome. I’m not 100% sure I said that, but if I did I clearly meant it in the spirit of my statement above. If you don’t respect other people, no matter how similar or different they are to you, you do not deserve respect. Respect is yours to lose (and earn). Showing disrespect to others is a fast way to lose respect.

The “F” word! And how it’s offensive. It’s not as offensive as thanking your god for saving a life when the healthcare team handles this “miracle”.

Speaking of being offensive, “fuck” is not as offensive as praying for me. Here, it comes back to controlling how another human being acts or believes.


Fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

What critiques have you received?

a star shaped jar containing wood pieces cut into the word fuck
I’ve got lots of fucks to give right now.

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