Active Slacking

I feel like such a slacker since I quit my job. But I feel so FREEEEEE!

What could be more blissful than not having to be anywhere – ever! And I have never been so productive at home. Did you ever go through a pile of papers to find some that were dated to eight months ago? I found mail that hasn’t been dealth with yet but was received in September of last year. And I know of one more place that (potentially, at least) has even older mail waiting to be read. Man, it’s crazy!

And I can’t sleep right. Most nights I go to bed at the same time but I wake up at ungodly early hours and can’t go back to sleep. The other night I slept for 2 hours before I woke up. Only two hours!!! I just sat there, watching the Discovery Times channel from 1AM until 5:30, when I finally fell asleep for two more hours. That was hell. But now I know all about crazy people and police tactics.

And I’m starting to pay attention to the fact that if I continue things the way they are, I’m on track to weigh 157 pounds by August. I have never, ever, ever been this heavy. AND I BLAME IT ALL ON MY LAST JOB! Just kidding. Sort of. I mean, with the crazy hours, the discounts on coffee and cafe items . . . I could go on forever. So, I have 40 pounds to lose. Here goes . . . We’ll see how I do. When I lost a bunch of weight in High School, it was because for two weeks I spent 4-5 hours a day working out and after that it was between 2-3 hours a day. Swimmers can really eat whatever they want. Now, I’m lazy. That’s what I have to change. And I’m avoiding the gym by writing about my laziness right now. And lunch – avoiding lunch, too.

But the house is getting organized – be it in baby steps. But each baby step is one bit closer to being “organized”. Not that anyone ever reaches that “done” point. But, as Buddy Holly said, “Everyday, it’s a gettin’ closer, goin’ faster than a roller coaster”. Eh? Nevermind. Uh-oh, I started the engine in my mind that relates everything to music and am now unable to think of anything except what artist, album, or song contains words on this page. That must be the end of this post.

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