Cadillac’s attempt at cool

I was watching tv today and saw an ad with one of my favorite songs from the ’90’s in it.  Cadillac has apparently just discovered a band that broke up years ago . . . HUM.  They were one of my favorite bands for quite a while, with two albums, “Downward is Heavenward” and “You’d Prefer an Astronaut”.  I wonder where they were in 1995, when Hum was popular.  I was at the Rave, seeing Bush, the Toadies, and Hum.  If you’ve ever been there, you know the Eagles Ballroom is loud and muddy-sounding.  This was no exception.  But I was 17 and having a great time. 

Anyway, I would say Hum sold out, but I can’t imagine they had any say in who might be able to use their music.  Since they’re not together anymore, I bet the record company doesn’t even have to ask for their permission to sell the song.  Anyone know anything about this?

To see the commercials, go here: and click on the ads titled “Turn You On” and “Hammer”.

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