Unrelated: Adorable Dogs and a Funny Article about Michael Phelps

For a laugh-out-loud experience, please visit this Runner’s World article now!

Now, on to the adorable dogs.  Jerry and I have been considering, for quite some time, the adoption of a needful dog as a final (for now) addition to our small menagerie.  Today, I think we found the breed we are looking for.  One look at a Shiba Inu and we were googly-eyed.  Then we went to a local pet store to look at the cute puppies, not expecting to find anything close to what we were looking for.  But lo and behold, there was a Shiba Inu.  We asked to take a look at it and we got to play with her for a little bit.  She was a lovely dog.  I wish she was here with us right now, but at the price of $829, we opted to leave her there and pursue other avenues.  Besides, I have a general aversion to pet stores when there are so many animals at shelters and humane societies caring for animals in real need of good homes.  So I have found a Shiba Inu rescue that coordinates new homes with dogs in need for a much smaller fee.  Now, I only hope they find our application worthy of caring for one of these little balls of furry fun.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!!!

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