Jamnesty (January 20, 2008)

It was January in Wisconsin and we froze to see people play music in support of Amnesty International.

Here’s a clip of Martin Moore and Brian Farvour (both from The Identity Theft) with Jerry Locke and Gary Gilstrap playing The Identity Theft‘s new song 1:45. It rocked!


This is the song that Jerry and co. ended their set with. I really wanted to get ALL of the song on video because it was really awesome how they finished the song. One by one, each member put down his instrument and let the feedback fill the room as they walked to the drums, picked up a set of sticks and went to town. At the end, all four people were playing drums, the guitars and bass were on the ground, and it was loud and fun.


Gary entertained the GHS crowd with Jerry’s aid. He played one of his more popular tunes, The Ballad. He also played a song he wrote about Elliott Smith and debuted a new song. When he realized he had a little extra time, Gary played “Anyone Else But You” from the movie Juno – a total crowd pleaser.

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